Entertainment Overview

Circus entertainment and more including aerial, partner acrobatics, snake handling, stiltwalking, living statue, show girl, modeling, body paint modeling, and characters.

Vivian Kyle and partner Nate Andrade are Atlanta based performers able to bring a full day of entertainment to your event.

Acts Details

Snake Handling: Walkabout interaction with guests and my snakes. I bring out 1-3 pythons: my albino Burmese Python (6′ long pale yellow), my Jungle Carpet Python (6′ long dark gold/green/black toned), and/or my Coastal Carpet Python (5′ long gold/black toned.) Guests can even hold snakes for pictures. Great for children and family events as well.

Partner Acrobatics: Ambient or stage shows available. Ambient includes 3-5 min sets, 2 sets per hour of acroyoga, handbalancing, and adagio style acrobatics.

Aerial: Acts include lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze, or hammock/sling. 2 performance style options available: formal aerial sets at 5-8min sets, 1-2 sets per hour (higher energy), or can provide ambient background aerial at 15 min sets, 2 per hour. Requires appropriate rigging structures (such as exposed I-beams), or aerial rig rental. Please note that an initial rig check is required if using provided structure. If using aerial rig rental, please be aware that the rig is approximately 18.5′ high and takes us an area of 26×28′

Stilt Walking: Walkabout interaction that its fun and entertaining for all ages on 3′ peg stilts. Costumes include Dragon/Fire Lady, Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, Carnival/Circus Themed, and Dark Circus Themed. Additional costuming may be available, but can also be created upon request.

Costumed Character: Walkabout interaction in character costumes. Some costumes include Absinthe Fairy, Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, She-ra, Ringmistress, Show-Girl, and more.

Living Statue: Costumes constructed upon request. Additional fees may be required for specific costumes. Current costumes include Living Red Carpet, Grecian Snake Lady, Grecian Statue (in gold, silver, or white – includes body paint).

Modeling and acting info available upon request.


Contact me at with booking inquiries.  Please include the following details (or as many as you have available):

  • Event Type
  • Event Location
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Any additional details about the event or what you’re looking for performance wise.

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