I consider myself first and foremost an artist, so I try to learn as much about as many different forms of artistic expression as possible. I’m a performer, designer, makeup artist, photographer, actress, and model based in Atlanta, GA.

My artistic journey started with a childhood obsession with drawing, which as I grew older became an obsession with drawing and painting to the point where I was winning numerous awards for my work while still in high school.  During college, I made a failed attempt to move away from art to a “real” degree.  While I graduated from the University of Georgia with a non-art degree, it was with little motivation or interest, and I subsequently have never used my degree.

College through a few years after are what I think of as the Dark Ages of my life.  For six years I created little.  Barely drew, only started one painting which I didn’t finish, and only made a few costumes for miscellaneous events.  All to an absolute minimum.

After that six year hiatus from art, I discovered circus…and fell in love.  I dove into training anything circus related I could find someone to teach me.  I took hundreds of hours of classes and private lessons with an insatiable urge to create art with my body.  Circus brought me back to art.  It opened doorways for creation in so many fields: costume design, makeup artistry, choreography, photography, acting…It was, and is, all encompassing.

Today, I am back in school pursuing my Master’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (the Atlanta, GA location) and spending all my time creating art.  I work freelance as a performer, photographer, model, and makeup artist.  And as I tell everyone who asks what I do for a living, “I create art.”

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