Video – Lyra at Dragon Con 2014 Temple of Boom Party for Imaginary Events

Last Dragon Con (my 13th Dragon Con!), I had the privilege of performing on lyra at 200 Peachtree for the Imaginary Events.Net Temple of Boom Party.

Raw Video Footage: Danny Hunter
Editing: Me
Outfit: Coquetry Clothing
Song: Lindsey Stirling – Beyond the Veil
Note: I layered the song track over the actual performance sound because the performance was done to Beyond the Veil live, but I didn’t have one solid audio track from the performance. So it sounds not as perfect as the original song!

Fun fact: I was nervous performing a formal set that high on lyra, since it was my first time performing a routine on lyra in public as opposed to just ambient.  So….I totally over stick sprayed my hands and you can see me having to rip my hands off the lyra when transitioning poses and not being able to slide my hands around the apparatus. ^^;

Photo by Matta


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