Video – Partner Acro and Static Trapeze at the Grand Cabaret

Yesterday, someone was kind enough to film our act for the Imperial Opa Circus‘ Grand Cabaret at Atlanta’s Shakespeare’s Tavern.  There’s a little blip of a couple of seconds in the middle from when my camera shut off unexpectedly, but otherwise it’s the full act!

We put together a partner’s acrobatics number that segued into a static trapeze number to the tunes of “Roxie” and “Roxie’s Suite” from the musical Chicago.  Fellow performer Laura Hawkins was gracious enough to sing for our acro number, despite only a few days to prep for a song she’d never heard before.

Overall, I’m happy with the act given the amount of time we had to prepare.  Since both my partner, Nate Andrade, and I have been working on a movie set for quite a bit of this month as well as working other jobs and projects, it’s been really rough to find the time to choreograph and practice.  Many of nights we found ourselves in the studio after midnight just because we hadn’t had a chance to train earlier in the day.

Of course, it’s still rougher than I would’ve liked and I made more mistakes than I should’ve.  But I think it’s a good starting point for a solid high energy trapeze routine <3

Also, I made my costume!  It’s made to resemble Roxie Hart’s costume from the movie in the scene where she sings “Roxie”, but I left off the fringe at the bottom A) because it would’ve gotten in the way of some of my trapeze moves, and B) because I simply didn’t have time to get to it.  I modified a unitard pattern for the body suit and used my own pattern for the gloves…and of course did as much rhinestone-ing as I had time for!  I found myself in full prosthetics on set this week blinging up my gloves with tweezers!

Here are some more pictures from Sunday’s show, courtesy of Patrick Sun:

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