East Atlanta Strut 2013 with The Imperial Opa Circus

The East Atlanta Strut 2013 performance with the Imperial Opa Circus is one of my favorite formal public performances to date.  We had so much fun and put on a full show for this event that included multiple group bodystacking numbers as well as individual acts.

Thank you to Bonnie Morét for coming out and taking pictures!!

A couple of fun facts about the event:

  • I got to go on the radio with our ringleader Tim Mack to promote the event.
  • One of our bodystackers, and our mentor in bodystacking, is 83 years old.  People were shocked to see someone that old performing with us and I was approached by numerous people asking his age!
  • We put together all of our group numbers in about 1.5 weeks, so they were really rough, but the crowd loved it!
  • This was the first time my partner, Nate, and I performed together live.  He played a body builder on the beach trying to woo me.  (Despite the fact that it was dark outside, he’s ghostly pale, it had been raining all day, and we were in a parking lot…not muscle beach!)

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