Snakes on Film!

My snakes are becoming famous!  So far, Snakey (my Jungle Carpet Python) has been in two large scale film works: the Zac Brown Band’s music video for “Goodbye in Her Eyes” and the new movie “Last Vegas.”  And Arbok (my baby albino Burmese Python) recently was in an episode of The Originals.

Zac Brown Band – Goodbye in Her Eyes

This music video was vintage circus themed, so I was hired through my circus troupe, The Imperial Opa, to bring Snakey out.  I had never worked as a snake lady before, and had only brought her out for her first event about a week before.  But that was enough for my fellow carnies to sell me as a Snake Lady.  We shot at Zac Brown’s house where No Joe’s Circus had set up their tent and rigs and it was bitter cold!  Snakey came with a heated crate, but there was a lot of down time where we needed to be on hand on set and Snakey was miserable in the cold.  But she rocked it like a champ!

Screenshot of Snakey and I from the Zac Brown Band Music Video Goodbye in her Eyes


Last Vegas

We originally were in two scenes in this movie, but one of the scenes ended up getting cut.  The one that made the movie was the Penthouse Party scene.  We were on set 5 days for this scene, and by the end of it Snakey was getting pretty fed up with having do something OTHER than just sit on a warm rock.  But, it was pretty interesting despite the long days.  Morgan Freeman took an interest in Snakey and made sure to come say hello to her everyday he was on set (despite professing a distaste for snakes.)  And the costuming was fun!  They put me in a black bikini with a vintage style see through chiffon dress over it and a black leather mask.  I did my hair and makeup myself <3

Shot of Snakey and I in Last Vegas (taken with my phone while at the movie theater!)
Shot of Snakey and I in Last Vegas (taken with my phone while at the movie theater!)

The Originals

This by far was my best experience with film work!  I brought in my own costuming and did my own makeup, and the staff did my hair for me (I’m terrible with hair) and they provided the masqurade mask.  The snakes and I were given our own trailer, with the Liquid Sky performers Marilyn Chen (on silks) and Lydia Bailey (hooping) in the trailer next to me.  It was a long shoot…didn’t make it home til around 3am or later, but very comfortable!  Arbok and I basically just go go danced together on a platform during the Vampire Masquerade scene of episode 3.

You can see the full episode here. Arbok and I come in around 18mins in:

Screenshots from The Originals
Screenshots from The Originals


I hope we get more opportunities to do work like this!  The snakes don’t really enjoy it (they want to be left alone), but I do!

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