’s Futuristic Fashion Show and Art Party

I recently had the opportunity to put together a trapeze routine for another event – Futuristic Fashion Show and Art Party at the Jungle Club Atlanta.

For it, I not only put together a full routine to the Zed Dead’s Remix of Blue Foundation- Eyes on Fire (two weeks of heavy rehearsals and severe bruising!), but I also made a new costume for it.

Video of the event (WARNING: NSFW) by Video Rahim.  I can be seen on trapeze from about 0:14 – 1:25


Costume Details:

I started this Mad Max/Post Apocalyptic styled trapeze costume about 24hrs before the event…I modified a basic adult leotard pattern to make it zip front with a full crotch zipper.  Then put in leather panels in the front and studded them.  The gauntlets were made in less than an hour out of leather and elastic and studs from a modified fingerless glove pattern I had already made for other costumes (yay for actually making patterns to reuse!)  Then I made matching high waisted panties out of some of the left over spandex from the leotard and some black stretch mesh I had lying around the house.  Paired with a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra, dance tights,  a fence net body stocking, and my leather trapeze boot’s I made a while back and I was done!

The only downside turned out that whereas I was putting it together to be strip tease friendly… I found that the crotch zipper to snaps mechanism I put in place failed to hold up to all the movement around the trapeze, so the snaps had to be reinforced at the last minute with another closure which didn’t allow for the leotard to be torn off as planned.  Then for the performance, I couldn’t find my spirit gum, so I wasn’t able to apply pasties and do the full tearing off the bra at the end bit.  Boooo.

For anyone curious, here’s a rough rehearsal of the full routine to Eyes on Fire (sans makeup, pretty lights, costuming, strip tease, etc.)


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