APG Shoot – 3.5.13

So, there’s a few nice things about “meet and shoot” style scenarios as a model: You get to meet a lot of photographers, You have a professionally done lighting setup, You get pictures out of it, and You get paid. That being said, many of the photographers are still learning, and the lighting setups are only useful if the photographers know how to use their cameras…then you’re lucky if you get to see maybe three pictures from each photographer, and the pay generally comes down to about minimum wage when you factor in prep time. (And lord knows it takes me 2-3hrs to get ready for any shoot!)

However, I feel that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to these types of shoots. I enjoy going out and meeting new photographers, and if I’m lucky I’ll even sometimes get decently paying jobs out of it. Even if I don’t, I at least get to network and socialize. It’s great for a night when you aren’t booked and just want to go out and have fun and get a few decent shots out of it.

Anyways, moving on- Trent Chau (my favorite Atlanta photographer <3) invited me to come out and model for the Atlanta Photographer’s Guild shoot at the Elliot’s Street Pub, so of course I said yes. Well…correction, he invited Snakey to come out and shoot and just needed me to tag along and handle her…

Things got silly when they stuck me on the BRIGHT blue background, and the only acceptable response was to be completely ridiculous.

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